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    China Gabion Box Manufacturers

    China gabion box manufacturers is mainly used in supporting and protecting side slope and basis pit, montain rock hanging mesh, green guard railnetting on side slop, railway guard rail netting, highway guard rail netting. Heavy china gabion box manufacturers also can be worked into stone cushion, and used in reaervoir, river or dyke for closure.

    China gabion box manufacturers China gabion box manufacturers

    china gabion box are wire containers made of hexagonal wire netting. Wire diameter varies with the hexagonal nettings. For hexagonal wire netting with no PVC coating, the wire diameter ranges from 2.0mm to 4.0mm. For those PVC coated hexagonal wire netting, the outside diameter ranges from 3.0mm to 4.0mm.

    china gabion box Uses
    1,good structure of construction,insulation,heat insulation
    2,bar-piping,boilers insulation
    3,antifreeze,residential protection,landscape protection
    4,chicken ducks feeding,for protection uses
    5,protect and support the seawall,hillsides road and bridge projects

    china gabion box  Application:
    Various applications of PVC Coated Gabion Basket include but not limited toretaining walls, mechanically stabilized soil retaining structures, stream andriver bank protection, slope paving, outfall structures, weirs and dropstructures etc.

    (1).Control and guide of water or flood 
    (2).Protect bank or guiding bank 
    (3).Preventing of rock breaking 
    (4).Water and soil protection 
    (5).Bridge protection 
    (6).Strengthening structure of soil 
    (7). Engineering protection of seaside area

    Guided by our strict QC procedures and with the help of our QC team composed of 10 personnel with five to six years of working experience,china gabion box manufacturers arrange sampling inspection in mid-production of goods and comprehensive inspection before shipment to ensure the goods are fully consistent with the requirements of clients and will not be damaged in shipment.
    To add yourassurance,all our operations are strictly compliant with ISO9001:2000 guidelines.The focal product crowd control barricade has a lifespan of 10 years at least.Customized designs are welcome.We have 20 sales represenatives who are fluent in English and Russia.We accept small orders,and provide free installation training for our clients.
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