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    Hexagonal Wire Netting

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     Hexagonal Wire Netting hexagonal wire netting price
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    Hexagonal Wire Netting

    Hexagonal wire mesh is made of metal wire and by woven formed the wire netting. The wire netting is widely used in many fields for its inherent characteristics.
    Hexagonal wire netting characteristics:
    This kind of netting is easy to use and simply tiled on the wall and construction cement.
    Simply construction and no specific skills.
    Withstand natural damage, corrosion resistance and bad weather affected is very strong.
    Hexagonal wire netting can be exposed to a wide range of deformation and not collapse.
    Specific materials and treatment has different features. Such as heavy hexagonal wire mesh, which is made of high quality low carbon steel wire. Thus keep the net tensile strength no more than 38kg per square meter. In addition, galvanized wire is coated by PVC at surface layer, then woven into hexagonal wire netting. This layer will be greatly increase the service life of the net, and through different colors to make integration with surrounding natural environment.
    hexagonal wire netting in china 
    Hexagonal wire netting applications:
    The wire netting can be used in fixed building walls, heat insulation. It is also used in power plant tie pipes and boiler warm. Moreover, the net is anti-freeze, used as residential protection, landscape protection. Hexagonal wire net is applied in chicken and duck to protect poultry. At engineering, it protects and support the seawall, hillsides, road, bridge and other Mizuki engineering.
    Our factory supply various of types and different specifications hexagonal mesh. Here has galvanized, PVC coated, woven mesh gabion and other types net. There are also chicken wire netting, poultry netting, stucco netting and other different applications net.
    If you learn more about us, please attention our news, where has latest company information.

    Hexagonal Netting Advantages
    The two adjoining wires of hexagonal netting twist with each other three or four times. It forms a stronger woven structure than chain link fence. Even a few cuts to the hexagonal wire fence fabric do not allow complete disintegration.

    Gal. Hexagonal Wire Mesh
    Galvanized hexagonal wire mesh is made of galvanized iron wire, stainless steel wire with the galvanized surface. It is used as chicken wire, stucco netting in agriculture.

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